Women send out signals all the time, letting guys know if she's interested in you or not. Unfortunately these signals are often not so clear. Now if only there were a blinking red or green light to guide the way!

Here's a rundown of some signs, signals and body language to look for when trying to meet women according to the WingGirlMethod.com:

Smile- You don't have to wait for a smile to approach, but if you see one, you should definitely make a move.

  • The Hair Twirl- The girly habit of playing with her hair means that a woman is open to your advances.
  • A Cry For Help- If a woman asks you for assistance in any way, she could be just trying to get your attention. Be alert for this sneaky signal.
  • Happy Feet- Sociologists have observed that where a person positions their feet is where their interest is. So, if you see a woman twisting her upper body away, but keeping her feet in your direction, she may be playing hard to get.
  • Fidgeting- Fidgeting shows that a woman is nervous, which is an indication that she's into you.
  • Proximity- If a woman stays inside a safe distance, then she's probably interested in you. If she backs off, you should too.