Are you scratching your head trying to figure out the best plans for New Years Eve? You want this years celebration to be extra special don't you? Well let us make the plans for you, how does that sound? Here's how to make her New Years Eve extra special this year with the perfect New Years in Utica.

Start With Breakfast 

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Why make all your New Years Eve plans for the night? You should celebrate the entire day. She will love this. Serve her breakfast in bed. Or if you don't want to get crumbs all over the sheets, you can take her out to Seymour's Diner in Westmoreland.

Do Some Shopping At Sangertown

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Lets face it, you know you want to go out later. Why would you want to kick off 2013 in boring old clothes? Head out to Sangertown Square Mall. You can pick up some new threads at great prices. A lot of shops are having "After Christmas Sales" and you'll make out like a bandit.

You'll Need Some Booze


Lets face it, at some point you're gonna want to make a toast. Make sure you stock up on your champagne and booze. Two great places to check out here in Utica: Lichtmans Wine & Liquor, City Liqours.

Dinner From Swifty’s Restaurant & Pub

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At some point you'll both get hungry. Grab some great dinner from Swifty’s Restaurant & Pub on Genesee Street in downtown. They have great food, great beer, and you can enjoy your night with friends at Swifty's. Take a look at their menu by Clicking Here.

Laugh Of 2012 With The "First Night Of Funny" 

We want you to say goodbye to 2012 this New Years Eve with a hilarious night of laughter! The ”First Night of Funny“ will take place at the Stanley Theater with four professional comedians with four unique and hilarious perspectives on the world. Best part, if you get dinner at Swiftys, all you have to do is walk next door. Tickets will cost you $20 for couples in advance, and the show ends by 10pm on New Years Eve. You'll still have time to head home. Get more details by Clicking Here.

Watch The Ball Drop From Home

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After "First Night Of Funny" ends, head home to get ready to watch the ball drop. This year, don't just watch it on TV. Watch it from the Official Time Square Webcam.