After Sunday's come-from-behind victory against the Chicago Bears, the NFL has become the All-Tebow-All-The-Time league. If you’re ready to hop on the Tim Tebow bandwagon, now is the time!

People are freaking out and can't contain themselves. If you’re looking to weave Tebow-Mania into your Christmas narrative this year, you're in luck. There are plenty of Christmas gifts that feature everyone's favorite saintly professional football player:

A Personalized Tebow Jersey- The NFL's online store lets people personalize their #15 Broncos jersey with the name Jesus on the back. See prices per size from the NFL Store.

A Tebow Bust- If you can't actually hang out with Tebow, wouldn't it be nice to at least hang out with a statue of him? For only $12,000, you can have a 16-inch tall bronze statue of the phenom delivered to your home.

W.W.T.D.?- If you're familiar with the “What Would Jesus Do?” slogan, you might want to consider “What Would Tebow Do?” t-shirts. They are printed in the classic Bronco colors, and pretty comical, and pretty cheap. It’ll only cost you $19.99.

Tebowing Christmas Cards- Send out Christmas cards showing Tebow "Tebowing" next to Baby Jesus. This gem will only cost you $15.00 plus shipping off of eBay.