'Tis the season for New Year's resolutions! Everybody makes them but few people seem to actually stick to them. The worst part of breaking a resolution is the massive amount of guilt that accompanies our failure. Whether the guilt is self inflicted or generously heaped upon us by family, friends or co-workers its sting leaves us feeling hopeless.  It doesn't have to be this way. You can succeed! Here are a few simple steps I have discovered and used to make my New Year's resolutions last all year and beyond!

The best place to start is with a resolution based on an obtainable goal. It's one thing to want to lose weight, build muscle or just plain get in better shape. It's a completely different thing then wanting to look like the fashion model or weight lifter in the magazine or on TV!

When you make your resolutions this year don't choose a resolution that you've been unable to keep year after year. Don't set yourself up for failure! Set yourself up for success!

The best way to make a resolution stick is to get help! Ask family and friends to help you with your resolution. If you have someone who you are accountable to, you are more likely to succeed!

Don't make generic resolutions! Be specific. You can't hit a bullseye by aiming at any spot on the target! Eat less, work out more are too vague. I will workout 30 minutes a day is specific.

And the best piece of advice I can give you is this: limit your resolutions! One is the best. You are at your best when you are focused! One resolution will have your full, 100%, undivided attention increasing your chance to succeed! If you put together your one resolution with the above advice in mind, I am confident you can make this year's New Year's resolutions last through 2012 and beyond!

I hope you find these tidbits helpful. I know I have made some big changes in my life by using these simple steps. I hope you will find 2012 to be the year you stick to your New Year's resolutions.

p.s If you have a setback and get off track, dust yourself off and start all over again. New Year's is just a day, you are trying to improve yourself for the rest of your life. Don't let the calendar set limits on your opportunity to improve yourself.