Tis the season for you to put up that beautiful Christmas Tree. Maybe you've searched all over Central New York for your tree but now you have one problem; your cat. Cats naturally love to climb, and a Christmas Tree is the king of all things to climb. Here's some tips on how to keep your cat our of the Christmas Tree. 

My cat Oliver has already tried to climb the tree, and I caught him several times drinking water from the tree stand. Trust me, he has a full bowl of water in the kitchen so there was no need for him to want to drink this. Either way, climbing the tree has been a big issue. Here's some tips on how to avoid this.

First Off, Eliminate Temptation

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Ornaments hanging on the bottom branches are open invitations for cats to come play. If you have breakable ornaments with sentimental value, hang them up high or leave them off the tree all together. You can't blame a cat for playing with something if its right in his face at all times.

Try Various Sprays

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Some pet owners try to use vinegar, pink grapefruit body spray, natural citrus room spray, cranberry room spray and animal-deterrent sprays. What experts recommend is spraying your tree thoroughly before you put on the decorations, and spray the tree skirt as well. I can't imagine the smell is pleasant.

Train Your Cat With The “Coins In A Can” Method

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Put some pennies in an can and keep it handy when you are in the room where the tree is. When you see your cat start to approach the tree, shake that can. The noise will most likely startle them and they may stop investigating the tree when you’re not in the room. Also spray bottles work wonders too.

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What do you do when your cat climbs the tree?