Everyone loves the big game!  I can thinking of nothing more fun and exciting than watching the big game with a group of people, enjoying some great food and about 4 hours of “smack” talk. If you are hosting a party, most likely your guests will be bringing their kids.  Depending on their age, some kids may be interested in watching the game. How can you have a family friendly Superbowl party? We have the ideas for you!

They are more thrilled with being involved with whatever the grownups are doing than anything else.  But now about the littler kids;  Those kids who would have more appreciation for a 4 hour marathon of Spongebob Squarepants, than 4 quarters of football and a scattering of crazy commercials.  Here's some of our tips:

Make Sure Kids Have The Right Food

Someone brought chicken wings, cheese dip, buffalo wing dip, meatballs, veggie tray (what?), nachos, and tons of other goodies.  Oh, let’s not forget the beer!  Plenty of it.  Oh, but what about the kids? Make sure you have a separate area for food for the kids. You don't want your young ones dipping into the beer.

Set Up A Kid Only Red Zone

Most folks have a second TV in the house, why not set up an area for the kids where they can kind of have their own party?  Maybe setup a small table with snacks and drinks for them to enjoy some children’s programming, or maybe a place for them to play some games.  Video games are usually a hit too.  Bottom line is, they don’t want to be left out.  Kids just want to be wherever you are and having fun.

Kids Rest Area

Often bedtime is an issue as well.  Kids are back to school on Monday and the game certainly runs late on Superbowl Sunday.  It’s once a year, maybe you can let them stay up, but if it is necessary for them to get some shuteye, maybe designate a room where they can crash or rest quietly.

Enjoy the game, I hope your team wins!