2012 is the year you're turning things around and you'll finally find that special lady. Lucky for you our Singles Mingle Party is coming up. Maybe you haven’t been on the dating market in a while, and that’s ok. When you're with a woman, there are a few signs that she's flirting that you may have not known before. Here’s a couple tips and tricks to remember for January 26th.

  • Eye Contact

    There's a specific kind that girls use to show that they're flirting with you. You should learn how to make eye contact too, without being creepy.

  • Body Language

    Did you know when they touch their hair and a glass it could be a signal? Well this hot girl sure thinks so, she looks like she knows a lot.

  • How To Tell If Shes Interested

    If she's eagerly asking a ton of questions about even the most boring stuff you're talking about, it means she's looking for a reason to be around you.

  • How To Ask Her Out

    You found that special someone, you want to ask her out for the second date, how do you do that?