Looking to beat Flappy Birds? We have all the secrets of the game on how to get a high score. 

First off, enjoy the fact you still have access to the game. Some people are begging to be able to have the kind of power you have.

Jump Around

While playing the game, be sure to jump in place every single move. I guarantee you will get to at least 60 doing this.


Eat A Dorito Taco

Nikolay Trubnikov/ThinkStock/TSM

Some times you just need a taco. If you're angry, enjoy a Dorito taco and your life with change for the best.


Download The Cheap Rip Off With Happy Birds


Fact, you can download this new version of the game called Happy Birds. Enjoy.


Pray To The Greek Gods

Aleksandr Pakhay/ThinkStock/TSM

No one has talked to Zeus in some time. If you start praying now, maybe you'll be first in line. Maybe he will grant your wish on beating the game.


Use Your Thumbs

Ryan McVay/ThinkStock/TSM

People always think to use your fingers, use your thumbs! You get much better control!


Light 3 Cigarettes At The Same Time


Actually this is very bad luck. Don't ever light even one cigarette.

Best of luck playing!



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