Have you ever thought about how much of your day is wasted on small talk? Imagine how much time you could get back if you were able to cut down on that talk that serves absolutely no purpose at all. Sure it may be snowing like crazy outside, the roads may be bad, but that doesn't require a 10-minute conversation about it.

Here are six useful pointers from College Humor for avoiding that time-wasting small talk.

1) Hoof It: Always take the stairs instead of the elevator. The elevator is a breeding ground for meaningless conversation. Taking the stairs will most likely spare you the presence of any other people. Also you’ll get a good workout from it.

2) Wear Headphones: Most people won't bother talking to you while wearing these, you may appear like a jerk however so only use this technique a few times a week.

3) Know It All: If someone strikes up a conversation about a certain topic, the best way to shut them up is to know more about the topic than they do. Saying nothing will give the conversation plenty of space to grow.

4) Don't Pay Attention to the Weather: People use a line like, "Boy it's cold out there," hoping that you'll respond about the temperature. But if you act like you didn't even notice how cold it is, the conversation will end before it even gets started.

5) Pretend You're on the Phone: Break out those drama club acting skills you may have from high school! Pretend to hold conversations and such. Only downside is if someone finds out you do this, you may appear to be nuts.

6) Look Crazy: No one wants to strike up conversation with the crazy person in the office, but they may not trust you either.

Some other tips: Walk with your head down, walk fast, text on your phone when people are around, and of course you could just ignore people and look rude!

What are some other good tips?