Will the world end on December 21st 2012? They Mayans say yes, Nasa says no. If the world does end, how will the end come? Is it a way we predicted? Is the world going to end on December 21st? This author thinks yes. This author also thinks this is how it will end.

Death Eaters Will Form A Super Alliance With The Sith

Warner Bros. Pictures/ Lucasfilm

What's worse than evil witches and wizards working together? Add a little meeting with evil Sith lords to your doomsday planner and the end will come. Lord Voldemort will form a super alliance with Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine and not only take over London, together the pair will take over Earth and rule the galaxy. The pair will form this alliance on December 21st, and by New Years both will end up destroying the planet. You better jump on your Firebolt and hope that sucker takes you to hyper-drive.

The Roswell Rescue Party Will Finally Return

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The alien ship that crashed in 1947 will finally have the last laugh. Before the ship crashed in Roswell, one alien was lucky enough to trigger the “Emergency Rescue Button”. It took over 65 years but rescue is finally on the way. Once the rescue ship pulls into Earth orbit and realizes that the United States government killed the aliens on board, they will use their super weapon to destroy Earth. We watched this demonstrated in the movie “Independence Day”. Many thought this movie in 1996 was fake, but honestly it was footage from the future trying to warn us.

Siri Will Blind All Humans

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Many have grown to love Siri on their iPhone. Why wouldn't you? She helps you with all your daily tasks. Except one major flaw was never fixed with Siri, Steve Jobs never got the chance. On December 21st 2012, Siri will use the camera on all iPhones to blind mankind. Not only will human beings turn blind, many people will over react. This will cause countries to launch nuclear weapons without knowing what truly happened. Machines will have the last laugh when mankind ends.

Tupac Will Finally Run Out Of Music

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Rapper Tupac has been dead since 1996. Somehow, some way, this rapper has been pumping out new music from the great beyond for over 16 years. This in the music world is known as the “Tupac Clause”. The “Tupace Clause” is the ability to make music from heaven. A magically microphone is placed in Jerusalem and remains on as long as music stays alive. Finally that musical microphone from heaven will turn off on December 21st. In return the rapper will turn angry. No one likes a dead rapper angry. Needless to say planet Earth will pay for microphones being turned off.

Y2K= 21 02 12 21

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Many thought Y2K was going to shut down all computers on midnight of New Years in 2000. However, Y2K was off by 12 years. Look at the date 12-21-2012. If you reverse the numbers it unlocks this puzzle: 21st day, second hour, 12 minutes, and 21 seconds. So on December 21st at 2:12:21AM all computers will shut off. Once these computers shut off, the world will stop turning. When the world stops turning half of the Earth is exposed to light, and half is dark. Half will burn up, and the other half will freeze. It's like grilling hamburgers. Once one side turns brown, you need to flip the patty. That's why Earth rotates, so we are at a constant temperature  If Earth isn't an equal temperature  we will burn up and freeze at the same time. This will create a 4th dimension where people don't exist.

Rob Schneider Will Star In “The Animal 2”

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Everybody knows that “The Animal” was one of the worst movies of all time. What could be worse for mankind? A sequel with Patton Oswalt. Oswalt and Schneider have been secretly working on this project and plan a red carpet premiere party on December 21st. This movie will end up melting the movie theater, and creating a huge crater. This crater will lead to the core of the Earth. Inside the core an explosion will take place finishing off Earth. All of this will take place at 2:12:21AM, the time French Stewart wakes up for his morning jog.  (like how I brought you back to the last theory?)


Of course all of these theories are fake. The author completely made these up for entertainment purposes.