Well, another Super Sunday has come and gone.  So how much did you eat?  We always associate the big game with big eating.  We probably consume more during this 4 hour game than we do during any holiday throughout the year, and probably even more than a couple of them combined.  Crazy, huh?  “Aw, it’s the super bowl.  Diets are out the window today.”

Ok, we’ll just chalk it up as a cheat day, fine by me.  Here is a look at just how much of a cheat day it is for some of us.  For others, apparently, it’s just another day of normal eating.

The average American consumes 2,400 calories just during the super bowl party.  That, according to my diet plan, is how much I’m allotted for the entire day.

Here are some other astounding numbers associated with our super bowl gluttony.  Good for a lot of retailers, not so good for our health.  Check it out…

Typical super bowl foods:

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Potato chips – Can’t eat just one, right?  How about 11.2 million pounds of them?  That’s how much Americans consume of the salty snack.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Avocados – What?  Isn’t that a vegetable or fruit, or whatever?  Oh yeah, we use it to make guacamole, which we use for what?  Oh, that’s right, dipping our chips.  Anyway, 69.9 million pounds of those suckers.

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

Chicken wings – What is a super bowl party without them?  Check it out…1.25 billion chicken wings.  Holy cow, er chicken!

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

49.2 million cases of beer – Ok, break it down.  24 beers in a case times 49.2 million comes to umm….a whole hell of a lot of beer.

It’s not just the food industry that prospers during the super bowl.  Statistics indicate that the use of toilet paper spikes 20 per cent.  20 per cent!  That means out of 1 million rolls, add another 200,000 for the super bowl.  Also, the sale of antacid increased 20 per cent the day after the game.  Not sure why on that one.

But what the hey, it’s the super bowl, right?  And we wonder why we are probably the most obese country in the world.