How long do cats sleep? Here's an interesting fact: on average, cats sleep for 16 hours a day. When you break down the numbers, cars spend approximately two-thirds of their lives sleeping. That's pretty crazy right? Ever wonder why cats sleep so much? Well, if so, we have those answers.

Cats Are Most Active Between Dusk And Dawn

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Cats sleep mostly during the day and become active around twilight. While the rest of the world winds up for another day you'll find your cat winding down for a long day of slumber. Cats are most active at night-time.

Cats Sleep During The Day Because They Hunt At Night

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Cats have the physiology of a predator. Cats are hardwired to chase and hunt at night.

Large cats such as lions have a similar pattern of sleeping during the day and hunting at night. Although they have been domesticated for the most part, housecats still retain that wild streak. Even cats at play will display the feline primal instincts of creeping about in the shadows and, without a whisper of warning, pouncing on their target prey.”

Why Do Cats Sleep More On A Rainy Day?

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Felines are affected by the weather just like humans. Cat behavior can vary greatly, depending on their breed, age, temperament and overall health. Even cats look for more shut eye on a rainy day.

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