Has a brewing company finally managed to launch their beverage into space? Could you imagine finally being able to grab a cold one in low-Earth orbit?  Well, according to the brewers of Natural Light (the fifth largest-selling beer in the U.S.) a couple of Facebook fans have done just that: They've successfully launched a can of "Natty Light" into space! But to call a beer "space beer," it actually has to go into space something this can hasn't done.

Friends Danny B. and Rich T. came up with the idea to send the beer into space, and the reaction unsurprisingly was "Go for it!," according to the Natural Light Facebook page. Our beer "spacecraft" was made out of a Styrofoam cooler, packed with thermal gloves, a camcorder, plus GPS tracker inside. All our boys needed was a vacuum-packed full can of Natty Light plus an empty stand-in. Now rockets must be coming up short so they needed a weather balloon to attach the whole kit to.

Now I’m not much of a rocket man, but there is no way a weather balloon is getting you to space. The internationally recognized boundary where the Earth's atmosphere ends and space begins is around 62 miles in altitude a boundary known as the Kármán line. Sadly, weather balloons don't go that high. If they did, NASA would use really big balloons to carry astronauts to the space station.

Earlier this year, the Australian 4 Pines Brewing Company, working with Astronauts4Hire, actually put some research into the space beer after a series of zero-G flights, developed "Vostok.". Vostok is a full-flavored, low-carbon dioxide beer that not only addresses the loss of taste during long-duration spaceflight, it also reduces the risk of the "wet burp."

So Astronauts, looks like an ice cold beer may have to wait.