Glossy digests may go the way of the dinosaur, but most have taken precautions to stay relevant in the digital age with high impact websites and complementary mobile sites for tablets and smartphones. But, Vanity Fair has gone the extra mile by partnering with Fruit of the Loom to release their own line of lingerie. To quote Guinness, “Brilliant!”

In this spot, we see a genuinely happy woman read about VF’s Modern Coverage collection then venture through an all-white city to find it – and herself – while window shopping. The line’s not Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood or Agent Provocateur by any means and we’d go so far to say that the woman is too good for her undergarments, but we applaud Vanity Fair for trying.  So, who is this tall, blue-eyed blonde beauty?

It’s Sandrine Marlier, a French model who graduated from the Universite de Caen in 2002 with a degree in Literature and is repped by Click Models (NY, LA), Next Models (Miami, London), and Louisa Models in Germany.

In 2006, she covered ‘Brides’ magazine and in 2010, she had a guest role on HBO’s ‘How To Make It in America’.  On top of appearing in a print campaign for IZOD, you can see her bouncing around in this spot for ‘The Territory Ahead‘. She’s also a freelance travel writer and photographer who’s writing her first semi-fiction book.