We've all got 24 hours each day to burn. In these day's we have to divide it up with our work time, sleep time, time spent fighting with the Mrs, and of course we may have a hobbie. What hobbies should you avoid?

What little time there is left over can be applied to hobbies. But, just make sure you're choosing the right hobbies.


Here's a rundown from Guyism.com of some hobbies to avoid at all costs:

  • Camping- It's a lot of work to endure just to get really dirty and smelly. Fishing is way better anyways!
  • Homebrewing- We live in a golden age of beer. Genius brewmasters are cranking out the most amazing stuff in human history. Just leave it to the professionals.
  • Coaching Youth Athletics- You'll be giving up nearly every Saturday morning of your life.
  • Home Theaters- Installing a home theater is a project, not a hobby. Buy something. Then, enjoy it.

What other hobbies stink?