A 21-year-old man from Seattle who describes himself as a "vampire" is advertising online for a blood donor. Our friend says he doesn't want to harm anyone-- other than "taking a bit of their blood from time to time". The ad surfaced on Craigslist and reads: "Greetings to everyone who is reading this. I am unable to give my name for obvious reason, but all you do need to know is that I am a vampire. I am in need of a blood donor for my personal use. Being a donor is not all fun and games, mixed with mysticism and sex; but it can be if that is what we wish. I am looking for either men or women, but I would prefer men since I lean more towards them in terms of blood and sex. It would also be great if you were either AB- or O-, for those are the blood types that I am used to." Oddly enough, the ad coincides with the 165th birthday of Dracula author Bram Stoker which was November 8th.