We know that you know you don't want a scorpion sting. What you don't know is why. You think it's the pain? Nope -- it's what it's going to cost you! In Phoenix, Arizona, 52-year-old Marcie Edmonds was rushed to the Chandler Regional Medical Center after getting stung by a scorpion in her garage. Her bill came to $83,000!!! No kidding! That includes two doses of anti-venom at nearly $40,000 per dose! Edmonds' insurance company has paid more than $57,000 but the hospital expects Edmonds to come up with the other $25,000! Edmonds says an emergency room doctor told her about the Mexican anti-venom Anascorp that could quickly relieve her symptoms, but she was never told about the insanely ridiculous cost. Chandler Regional is insisting that Edmonds' bill represents the out-of-network costs for her treatment.