Lil' Wayne generally isn't a person we talk a lot about on our station, but this next story will really get your blood boiling. Lil' Wayne decided to desecrate the American Flag in a new music video. He walks all over it, and throws it to the ground. 

According to Perez Hilton, this flag desecration all went down during the video for his upcoming single "God Bless Amerika"

Lil' Wayne used a a giant American flag as backdrop for one of the scenes! As soon as the cameras began rolling, the American flag fluttered down to the ground and the 30-year-old entertainer began trampling all over the sacred symbol while spewing lyrics about the decline of our great nation!!

Freedom of speech certainly permits Weezy to desecrate a flag, but backlash from this stunt may hurt album sales!!!"

I'm betting there will be huge backlash.