So, have you? Do you know what ukelins are? The only reason I know about ukelins is because I was watching Antiques Roadshow, and a person brought one in to have it appraised. So, what exactly is it? The ukelin is a combination of a ukulele and a violin. Check out how it sounds.

This is all Wikipedia has listed about the instrument:

"The ukelin is a stringed instrument combining properties of the Hawaiian ukulele and the violin. It was patented in 1926, and manufactured until 1964. It is a bowed psaltery with zither chords."

So, I'm guessing it wasn't too popular--let's say, like a guitar.

Here's a more detailed article about ukelins from Encyclopedia Smithsonian.

Here's how to play the ukelin. How's it sound?

Here's another video:

And another: