If it were possible, I would start the camping season around March time frame.  Too cold?  Maybe, but why do we have campfires?  Just so we can make s'mores?  However, with school activities in full force...dance, soccer, concerts, etc., camping doesn't start for this guy until Memorial Day Weekend.  This Memorial Day Weekend, we found ourselves in Old Forge at Nick's Lake.  We left Thursday evening and arrived about an hour later just after the hail had finished.

When I saw all the ice on the ground, my first thought was that we picked the wrong weekend to head to Old Forge.  Rainy that first evening, so I was glad we had the Uno and Skip-Bo cards handy.  Oh yeah, and Jiffy Pop popcorn tastes just as good inside the camper as it does outside by the fire.

Friday was a wash-out...literally.  Started raining around noon and didn't stop until sometime Saturday morning.  A day of hiking and biking on Saturday with off and of showers.  Sunday couldn't be a better day to get the canoe out on the lake.  Monday morning had showers, I guess that was one way to get my gear clean.  Saved me from having to hose stuff off when I got home, I guess.

Wet or dry, we had a great time just getting out and enjoying the outdoors.  Hope you get the opportunity to do the same this Summer.  New York State parks are offering a discount on nightly rates for early camping up until June 26.  Get more info here and I hope to see you in the mountains!