New York wants your guns.  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the state will pay between $25 and $100 for guns to get them off the streets.

At a kickoff event this weekend Schneiderman said that Utica, Binghamton, Poughkeepsie, Yonkers, and Cheektowaga would be eligible for participation in a buyback program.

In a written release from his office Schneiderman said, "By encouraging gun owners to turn in their weapons through our cash-for-guns program, we're removing deadly firearms from locations where they can be stolen or otherwise misused, keeping them out of the wrong hands."

The initiative is a joint effort of the Southwest Gun Buyback Committee and Schneiderman's office.

When each unloaded gun in received and screened the person bringing it in will receive a debit card in any of the following amounts depending on the type of firearm presented:

  • $25.00      Antique and Non-working Firearms
  • $50.00      Rifles and Shotguns
  • $75.00      Handguns
  • $100.00    Assault Weapons

For more information call the Attorney General's Regional Office in Rochester: (585) 546.7514.