Each weeknight at 6PM we dust off our old LP's and dig out something special with the Guitar Pic At Six. Tonight (3/18) we take a trip back to the year you were busy playing Pac Man, and also busy dropping quotes from E.T. We decided to take a trip back to 1982 and kick off this series with a classic track from The Who called "Eminence Front". This song was the sixth track on the group's 1982 studio album, It's Hard. We have the full story on that classic track here:

"Eminence Front" was written and sung by Pete Townshend of The Who. The single reached number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it's the only song from the album that the band has opted to play live after the initial post-release tours. Here's more details on that classic track:

In the song, Townshend sings about the delusions and drug use of the wealthy and hedonistic. The lyrics describe a party in which people hide from their problems behind a façade. Townshend has introduced the song in live performances with: "This song is about what happens when you take too much white powder; it's called Eminence Front". The song produced a video, shot at a rehearsal in Landover, Maryland, during their 1982 US tour, which enjoyed consistent airplay on MTV upon its release. Footage from the Who's 1982 concert at Shea Stadium was also used in the video.