In pursuit of some goodies a wild bear trashes an SUV, then leaves his calling card.

Imagine coming home to find that your vehicle has been trashed. A Canadian SUV owner had to deal with this problem when he came home to find that his vehicle had been pretty much trashed by a wild bear who tore the thing apart and left a calling card in the form of a steaming pile of poop deposited in the back seat.

The bear broke into the Toyota in a quest for a picnic basket, but then found itself trapped inside and panicked, ripping off the door panels, tearing out much of the interior wiring and shredding four of the air bags. Before breaking out the back window to make its escape, the critter left his contribution on the back seat.

The total damage was estimated to be around $60,000. Which is more than a little boo-boo.


[via Jalopnik]