Memorial Day weekend kicks off the backyard grilling season of the summer. There is no greater smells, and tastes then burgers and dogs on the grill. Need some tips to make the almost perfect burger?

There's no great science behind grilling but there are some things you can do to make your burgers better according to

-When you put the raw burger on the grill, make sure you put a little indentation in the middle of it. This will prevent the middle from ballooning up and will cook the burger evenly throughout.

-Once it comes off the grill, give it a couple minutes to allow the juices to re-circulate throughout the burger.

-A burger needs fat, so don't use extra lean meat. The fat brings out all the flavor.

-Never press down on the burger while it's cooking. We often do this so that it will cook faster, but you're squeezing out the juices, and subsequently, the taste.

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What are some grilling tips you have?