How old do you feel now?  The Spielberg blockbuster is 30 years old. 8 June, 1984, we were all lining up at the theaters to catch this PG-13 horror flick.  Where on earth did the time go?  Back in 1984, Billy Peltzer received a gift from his dad that he though was just an unusual pet.  We were introduced to the furry critter, Gizmo, who somewhat resembled a small bear but with larger ears and certainly more animated.  He came with some rules.  One, keep him away from the light.  Two, don't get them wet, and three, the most important rule of all, don't ever, EVER, feed him after matter how much he begs.

Billy was like most teenagers in that he rarely paid attention to rules and we all know what happened next.  When Gizmo got wet, caused him to spawn more creatures like him, but when they got wet, they turned in to malicious monsters that wreaked havoc on a small town.  I watched this recently with my son, on Netflix, and I guess I had forgotten how violent it actually was.

Well, Happy 30th anniversary to Billy, Gizmo and the whole crew.  Maybe watch this again...with the kids this time and be entertained and scared all over again!