Geeks and nerds are a somewhat skittish and tend to stay away from places with loud noises, rowdiness and general human contact. That’s not to say the most famous worlds and universes of geekdom deprive themselves of a watering hole to unwind and drink their troubles away.

Get ready to travel to galaxies far, far away to some of the greatest bars many of our favorite characters call their home away from home from! You can ready the full list by clicking their link.

Chalmun’s Cantina (Star Wars)

Mos Eisley’s Chalmun’s Cantina holds the prestigious honor of being the undisputed king of fictional bars in geekdom, and for good reason since it was here that Han Solo and Greedo sparked the most heated debate in nerd history: who shot first?

Maccadam’s Old Oil House (The Transformers)

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Yep, even the robots in disguise have their own little watering hole back on Cybertron. Regardless of the war in the streets, Maccadam’s remains open to all Transformers looking to wet their whistles with some high quality oil and vent their frustrations.

The Milk Bar (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

Here’s one for the straightedge audience. While the Milk Bar doesn’t sell any alcoholic beverages – hey, this game is rated “E” after all – it does keep its shelves stocked with the finest milk this side of East Clock Town.

Moe’s Tavern (The Simpsons)

There’s a few of you out there right now probably fuming over the fact that Moe’s Tavern was chosen over The Drunken Clam of Family Guy fame. In all fairness, The Drunken Clam has yet to reach the levels of insanity and nostalgia that come with the utterance of the name “Moe’s.” So much has happened in Springfield’s urine-soaked hellhole that there’s just too many to list. It’s because of The Simpsons that we all wish our favorite bars meet the majesty and magic of Moe’s Tavern.

Where is your favorite TV Bar?