When you play in someone else's sandbox (Like Facebook's), you have to play by their rules, unless of course you start stealing the sand! If you have a large friends list or fanbase, it can take forever to manually scroll through and select individuals that you think might be interested in your event or page. However, I discovered a nifty hack that when employed will invite everyone on your list in just a few short clicks. I tried many other methods before I found this and it's the only one that worked for me! Here's the 3-step process for Firefox users...






Okay, follow directions so far? 'Cause you can't go any further if you haven't! Once you've done your 2 minutes of homework, then head to whatever Facebook page or event that you want to promote, find the INVITE Button, scroll ALL THE WAY down your friends list until you can't scroll anymore (very important), select the brand new OPTIONS button that wasn't there before, close it and then click the SELECT button next door.


Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

This will select your entire list (which you'll notice each friend now has a number assigned to them) and it may take a few seconds to compile. Then once check marks appear next to every friend's profile pic, click the INVITE button and boom, a few seconds later every single friend will be invited! Be careful how often you do this though, as Facebook allows only a certain amount of invites per day!!