Japan continues to try and bring anime to life with their latest development. A Japanese inventor has created a four meter tall robot mech-suit that is controlled from within by a handheld controller. Aspiring to create the machines of his childhood fantasies, creator Kogoro Kurata, developed the Kuratas that can move up to 10kph and only has a price tag of about $1.3 Million.

We may yet see mechs marching about the world although, I doubt we'll see them weilding vibro-blades anytime soon.


New Hover Drone Robot Lunch Deliveries [VIDEO]

Many Sci-Fi movies have long shown autonomous flying robots taking care of menial tasks like delivering lunch, doing repairs etc. The future is here and it's taking on the food-service industry first. A British sushi chain called 'YO! Sushi' has unveiled a flying food tray at one of its restaurants in London.