If you're a "Parrothead", you know the phrase "Fins Up" and that "Fins" was one of the professor of Margaritaville's greatest hits. Of course, we're talking about Jimmy Buffet here, and his signature beer "Landshark Lager". Jimmy Buffetholds a place near and dear to my heart, because as my wife and I drive away on vacation each year, we pop in Jimmy's greatest hits CD to make the car trip more fun!

You may wonder what kind of beer Landshark is.  When you go to their website, you don't get much help on a description of the brew. So, let me describe it from my past recent experience.

According to me:

Landshark is a yellow, lager beer. The label refers to it as "Island Style Lager", whatever that means, but unlike some other beers in clear bottles, it doesn't have a hoppy or  "skunky" taste, thank goodness.

So, what does it taste like? In my opinion, it's has a mild, almost sweet taste with very little hop presence. It reminds me of a cross between Miller High Life and Budweiser. So, an easy-going brew, most suited to days at the beach or after mowing the lawn. I give it a B+.

But, I give Landshark Lager an A+ for taking part in a worldwide effort to clean the planet's oceans and shorelines through Ocean Conservancy. If  you visit landsharklager.com, you can help this global effort.

Watch this brief video to see what it's all about:

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