Coach Ron Hunter has really been through the ringer the past few weeks. I enjoyed watching his antics, clumsiness, and down right accident prone celebrating. What he does now really tugs at my heartstrings as a parent.

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Coach Ron Hunter and his son R.J. celebrate the Panthers win over Georgia Southern Eagles. They got a little to rough and the coach injured his Achilles. Ended up in a cast.

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Now Coach Ron Hunter is on a rolling stool due to his injury. Turns out that's not the best choice for this accident prone coach. His son R.J. Hunter makes a 3 point shot at the buzzer leading the Panthers to a win over Baylor. You guessed it. Dad falles off the stool and breaks his cast.

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Coach Ron Hunter tries to play the part of coach and dad but dad wins out. A very touching moment that we don't see often enough between father and son.

A great run for father and son.