I'll admit it, I'm definitely a garage sale junkie.  You'll probably see me at yours this weekend.  Why do I do it?  Is it a disease?  I think it's mostly because I'm always hoping that I'll find that super secret treasure worth millions, for 50 cents.  Hey, it could happen.

What are some treasures you have found at garage sales?  Have you ever sold something at a sale only to kick yourself later after finding out is was actually quite valuable?  I'm always a sucker for old toys, so I try to seek out the bins of toys where that rare capgun just might hide.  New in box, is always a good find for just about everything.

A couple of years ago, I found a pair of Bose headphones, still new in the package.  I think I paid maybe $10 for them.  Rarest thing I have found?  I found a 1969 Snoopy Astronaut toy that was made to commemorate the moon landing.  I paid 50 cents and later found it to be worth about $200 in the condition it was in.  Nice.