In 1998 a strange creature emerged from the shadows at the American International Toy Fair. The creature looked to be a cross between a hamster and an owl. This new creature was dubbed, “The Furby”. Furby just turned 15 and boy is this creature still going. Here's a look back at the few Furbies that have stolen your hearts throughout the years.

1998 Furby


When it was first introduced in 1998, it was a huge hit, somewhere auctioned off for more than $300. When the holiday season came around, Furbies sold extremely well with more than 27 million being sold. Many fights and arguments broke out because of the dwindling number of Furbies in stores.

Each Furby came in different colors and with different hair styles. Just like the Teddy Ruxpin in the 80’s, the Furby’s beck like mouth moved as it spoke and it’s eyes would open and close as though it was blinking. It talked in a weird language called “Furbish.” The furbies could interact with the child with sensors in its eyes which was new at the time so it was like the toys were alive. Along with the original Furbies, other Furby like toys like the Furby Gizmo from the movie Gremlins, a Furby Yoda, and a Furby E.T. Then came Furby Babies which were smaller than the original Furby but still had the same mechanics as the originals.

2005 Furby


In 2005 the Furbies where revived when the Emoto-Tronic Furbies where introduced. These new Furbies where much larger than the original Furbies and could now hold longer conversations with humans. With one command, you could tell your Furby to sleep and it came with an off and on switch. Unlike the originals, these Furbies could communicate with each other but not with older Furbies. The new Furbies didn’t have the same mechanics as the originals which made them harder to communicate with. Then came the Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies and then came the ability to adopt a Furby.

2012 Furby


In 2012, the Furbies came back with a Vengeance! This new Furby had features from the classic Furbies and the Emoto-Tronic Furbies. It had better motion sensors, a reset button instead of an off/on switch, and would shut off after a minuet when it was not being used. This new Furby had LSD eyes and also came with its own IOS App. There’s also a website for the Furbies where you can customize your own Furby.

So Which Furby Do You Like Better?

Is it the Classic, the Emoto-Tronic, of the New Furby? Or do you feel that the Furby is just too scary for you. Either way, the Furby is here to stay and have come back to life to take over the world.

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[story by Matthew Talarico] [via Wikipedia]