Its always fun to party and have a good time , but with all the new ways to drink and get drunk shouldn't you think before you do?


When I ask my friends what they remember most about their college days and fraternity, just about every one of them will say the parties.  I can remember doing monkey chugs, where you hang upside down on a tree branch and chug a beer.

Then there is always someone coming up with a new way to achieve that ultimate buzz.  Take The University Of Tennessee for example, the Pi Kappa Alpha House will close on October 7th.  The fraternity will be suspended at least until 2015 due to an alcohol enema incident.  Knoxville Police say a frat member was admitted to the hospital with a dangerously high blood alcohol level after receiving an alcohol enema.  The 20 year old frat member has denied the report even though the police records dispute that claim.  According to his dad, he has since recovered and returned to classes.  Later about another dozen people were cited for under age drinking.

It is always great to have a good time, but think about the consequences before you try something new.