Normally this column would be accompanied with audio from an interview and some contagious smiles but today is different. I'm sad to say that I've just gotten word that Frank DeRocco, our friend, fellow musician and the guitar player from the band Soul Injection lost has passed away.

Most don't know this, but before I was in Showtime, Dashboard Nixon and even the Booty Foundation I had the pleasure of playing in a short-lived wedding band with Frank back in 2003. He was actually the very first guitarist from the CNY music scene that I'd ever met and I had no idea at the time just how good this guy REALLY was until much later. Not only that but as a VERY green keyboard player in the band scene at the time, Frank still treated me like one of the guys and promoted me anyway, cementing him as one of the nicest guys that I would ever meet.

Needless to say that little wedding band did all of two gigs and then disbanded and we fell out of touch until 2008 when out of the blue I get a phone call. It was Frank mentioning that his band might want to add a keyboard player soon. I was also looking at another band at the same time and although I ended up joining Dashboard Nixon instead, it was great to get back in touch with an old friend. We fell out of touch again, sometimes crossing paths if both of our respective bands were playing at Sylvan Beach at the same time, living like there was always going to be a tomorrow, until I woke up this morning and he did not.


photo: (Frank Derocco) Freddy Piperetta

I'm saddened that unlike the others, this article isn't chronicling a chat between two guys just having a ripping good time talking music and I'm feeling a pit in my stomach this morning knowing that the chair across from me is going to be empty. But, that's nowhere near the heavy hearts that Frank's family and band have right now.

Frank - we are all saddened by your passing, but are comforted only by the fact that you are now at peace. Thank you for touching the lives of countless people, both with your music and just your personality in general! You were the real deal in all aspects and someday we'll see each other again, joining that great gig in the sky... Put in a good word for us all and don't have too much fun up there.



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