Step back in time to the Victorian era right here in Central New York.  Visit Fountain Elms 2013 Victorian Yuletide Exhibit which this year celebrates a children's Christmas.Who loves Christmas the most?  Children.  It was during the Victorian Era, 1837-1901, that Christmas evolved from a quiet holiday to a major family event, with children at the heart of the celebration.

During the Victorian Yuletide Exhibit, which runs from November 29th until January 5th, 2014, take a tour of the beautiful Fountain Elms.  As you walk through the decorated period rooms, you'll experience a lavish children's Christmas party.  Everything from treats to games such as bobbing for apples.

The exhibit also showcases a Victorian Christmas morning, complete with pretty presents and yummy Christmas treats.

There are guided Victorian Yuletide tours, a Victorian Yuletide children's workshop and candlelight tours.  Click here for details.

Experience the beauty of a Victorian Christmas at one our area's most beautiful landmarks, Fountain Elms in Utica.