This weekend will be a great time to chow down at barbecues with friends and family. Life is good, for the most part. You could get sick though so watch out.

You need to be very careful when making food and drink selections. You don’t want someone getting sick all over the yard if you can avoid it.

Here are some foods according to that do not fare well in the summer sun:

  • Chicken- Keep the chicken separate from everything else from the beginning of the preparation process to the end. Like always cook thoroughly!
  • Potato Salad- The mayo means there's bowlful of food poisoning ready to pounce. Keep it out of the sun.
  • Hamburger Meat- It's gotta go straight from the fridge to the grill. Any delays along the way you're asking for E Coli.

There is no excuse to food poisoning this weekend if you read this story. But if you're going to get food poisoning this weekend I hope it’s for something good!

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(Photo by SLAP CHOP/Facebook)