With everyone fighting against unhealthy eating habits, there seems to be a focus on foods we shouldn't be eating instead of talking about foods that we should. What foods will make you smarter?

Here's a rundown from CoedMagazine.com of healthy foods that not only help you maintain a healthy bodyweight, but actually, honestly, fuel make you smarter:

  • Tuna- Tuna has the highest amount of B6 vitamins among all foods. B6 helps you keep your brain functioning its at peak performance, improves your memory and enhances cognitive abilities.
  • Coffee- Coffee gets a bad rap, but it has the most antioxidants among any food in the average American's diet and it also gives your brain a real energy boost.
  • Pomegranate- The pomegranate contains a high amount of various antioxidants, some of which protect your brain and its functions.
  • Dark Chocolate- Again, the antioxidants in dark chocolate are powerful, protecting the brain, giving your brain an energy boost, improving your focus and enhancing you mood.
  • Salmon- While the Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon may not make you "smarter," they do protect you against brain and psychological problems.

(Photo by Dark Chocolate/Facebook)