Major League Baseball's spring training is in full swing as players get ready to shake off their off-season rust and get back into playing. That can only mean one thing here at home; Fantasy Baseball Season is in the air. Fantasy leagues will soon draft teams and then get ready for another long season of box score watching underway. With this responsibility will come a lot of trash talking, arguments, disputed trades and money changing hands.

The worst part, it all starts with the fantasy baseball owners. Everyone is different, and all coaches are unique in the way they run their team. According to Coed Magazine, here are the five types of fantasy baseball owners:

Crazy Rule Change Guy

This tool will complicate things by suggesting changes to roster size, or stats or waiver time.

Conspiracy Theorist

He thinks the rest of the league is scheming up an alliance to make sure he loses.

Bitter Guy

This guy hates his team and constantly complains about the lousy players on his roster even though he drafted them all.

Awful Trade Proposer

He's the who thinks you might bite on the Lyle Overbay for Albert Pujols trade offer.

Mr. Unprepared

This was me, this person comes to the draft thinking he has a good idea of everything, but hasn't a clue.

I was in a fantasy baseball league once in my life, and it was by far the worst experience ever. You need so much time devoted to this sport, and like most people, I don’t have all the time in the world to devote.

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