If you have been on the fence about going to this amazing event, I've got 5 awesome and very logical reasons to get you off and on the side of going! It's the Syracuse Beer Fest this Saturday at the On-Center in Syracuse.

  1. The Weather: The forecast for Saturday, November 14th is supposed to be cold, rainy/snowy, and cloudy. Why would you try and do something outside when you can be warm inside tasting some delicious craft beer?
  2. The Selection: Where else can you sample over 100 different craft beers from all across the country? It's like a road trip in one big location.
  3. Great People: People who love Craft Beer are amazing. Who knows you may make a new beer buddy or even find your next spouse there! Hey, it could happen.
  4. The Entertainment: A rocking band called "My So Called Band" is a group out of Syracuse that pays homage to all those classic 90's hits!
  5. Unknown Health Benefits: Yes! Beer and hard ciders actually have a few qualities in them that are health for you. Don't believe me? Read About It!

So whether you haven't made plans yet or even if you have, cancel and change them! You won't regret getting your drink on with other craft beer lovers and people you love as well.