Do you take Fish Oil on a daily basis? Are you sick of choking down those big, disgusting fish oil supplements every day single day? Well if you were only taking them because you thought they gave you some sort of heart benefit, you can not flush them down the drain. A new study has found that fish oil has no heart health benefit whatsoever. 

According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, nearly a quarter of all U.S. adults take fish oil pills. This is pretty big news considering over a billion dollars’ worth of fish oil supplements are sold each year.

How can you protect your heart? Doctors involved in the study suggest you protect your heart “the old fashioned way”, by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

"Eating healthfully, exercising is really so much more important than supplement," said Elisabetta Politi, a registered dietitian with the Duke Diet and Fitness center.”




[via NBC News]