Had a fantastic trip this Memorial Day Weekend.  We finally got the chance to try out the new camper.  What  better place to test'er out than the Adirondack Mountains at Eighth Lake State Campground near Inlet NY?

For the new RV'er, a first trip to a campground that has limited amenities, this can prove to be somewhat of a challenge.  We quickly discovered that your freshwater tank runs out quickly, and your holding tanks fill up fast as well.  We learned that you definitely have to ration your water useage.  Trip was overall successful and we had a comfortable stay in the new RV.  Our camper is definitely not designed for extended stays with no water, electric, or sewage hookup.  Our next trip is planned for July at West Canada Creek Campground.  Full hookups to include some niceties from home like satellite hookup and wifi.  Hey, still outdoors, so still camping! :)