Tomorrow night the Harlem Globetrotters will take over the Utica Aud like they've done every year for decades, but not before their guard, Firefly Fisher happened to trot on in to the studio, ball in hand to fire us up! He also gave us the skinny on a lot of new fan-interactive elements this year including you getting to choose the rules and more! And last but not least, he didn't leave the studios without showing me how to do what all Globetrotters MUST know before joining the team, the elusive ball-on-finger-spin! Listen in and if you don't have tickets yet, he'll tell you how to grab em! You're not gonna wanna miss this show and don't tell my parents, but I once snuck out of the house when I was grounded in order to catch one of these awesome spectacles... Shhhh!


photo: (Firefly Fisher) Keith James / TSM


Meet Firefly Fisher And Find Out What's Different This Year!


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