St Patrick’s day, not typically the big day for parties…unless you’re Irish, of course.  I did say not typically.  Generally it’s another excuse to drink beer (do we really need one?).  Not just any beer, but green beer, which is really nothing more than beer with food coloring.  Obviously the kids aren’t drinking green beer, but guess what else could be green?  How about Sprite?  Add a few drops of food coloring and you have a nice green non-alcoholic beverage that the kids can enjoy.  As I’ve mentioned before, kids love to be involved in whatever it is that you are doing, so don’t exclude them when it comes to St Patty’s day celebrations.  Here are some ideas that you and the kids can do to enjoy the March 17th holiday.

Decorate the house!  Do it up!  Kids love to change the entire look of your house.  Cut out some shamrocks from construction paper!  Cover the windows with them.

Create your own “Shamrock Shakes” – These are so simple to make.  Vanilla ice cream, mint extract, and green food coloring.  Add two or three scoops of vanilla ice cream to a blender, add a couple of drops of mint extract, food coloring, and some milk.  Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Come up with ideas to catch a leprechaun.  Leprechauns are Irish elves.  You’ve seen them in books and on television and movies…tiny man with green clothing, red beard and a green top hat.  Careful, they are tricky and love to play pranks.  Legend has it, if you capture one, he has to give you his pot of gold.  Therefore, you should try to build a trap.  Come up with fun ideas of how to catch a leprechaun.  Here is a good place to start for some ideas:  Click here

How about playing some St Patrick’s Day Bingo?  Kids love games.  You can print some bingo cards here: Click here

Don't forget to catch the Utica St Patty's Day parade!  March 9th at 10:00 am on Genesee Street in Utica

St Patrick’s Day, certainly not Christmas or Easter, but with some imagination, you can make it lots of fun.  Don’t forget to do some pinching for those who don’t wear green on St Patty’s Day.  Oh yeah, and no matter what anyone tells you, green underwear does not count.