Have you heard of the show “Downton Abbey”? Honestly, I haven't until the past week. It's a British drama series created by Julian Fellowes that first aired on ITV in the United Kingdom back in 2010 and on PBS in the United States in 2011. The series is set in the fictional Yorkshire country estate of “Downton Abbey” and follows the lives of the Crawley family and their servants. Here's a couple facts about “Downton Abbey” that you didn't know. 

Where Is The Downton Abbey Castle?

Highclere Castle

Throughout the series you see the Crawley family living in a castle. Where is the castle? The castle most used for exterior shots of Downton Abbey is located at the Highclere Castle in Hampshire. Most of the interior filming is done at this castle as well.

Where Is Downton Abbey Located?

Jordanhill School D&T Dept/flickr

Downton Abbey is ficitional of course but it is described as lying in the historical County of Yorkshire. The village of Bampton in Oxfordshire is used in the show to film outdoor scenes, most notably St Mary's Church and the library, which served as the entrance to the cottage hospital. When the show showed scenes of the First World War in France, those scenes were filmed in rural Suffolk near the village of Akenham.

What Historical Locations And Mansions Are Used On Downton Abbey?


Many historical locations and mansions are used on Downton Abbey. to film various scenes. Haxby Park, the estate featured in Series 2, is part of Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire. Inveraray Castle was known as "Duneagle Castle" in the 2012 Christmas special.



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