If you’re looking for a new beer to cool down with this summer then try the all new Saranac Lemon Ginger. The F.X. Matt Brewing Co. just announced its newest addition to its limited-edition Saranac High Peaks series.

The whole purpose behind the High Peak Series is for you to enjoy a beer and savor the flavor. That’s the whole idea behind the Lemon Ginger.

Brewed as a traditional Belgian-style Saison, we use lemon peel and ginger to create a unique twist, pushing the Saison style to a new level.  We start with wheat malt and German Saphir, U.S. Vanguard and Czech Saaz hops.  We then ferment with traditional Belgian yeast, which produces a fruity and estery aroma, perfectly complementing the lemon peel and ginger.  Look for lemon citrus, ginger spice, and a hop nose that tops off the experience without causing a bitter taste.  Imagine a delicious traditional Saison, yet even more refreshing!”

Saranac Lemon Ginger will be available in stores and on tap while supplies last. Get more details in this interview from our sister station WIBX.