A South African couple got the shock of their life, when, after five years of dating, they discovered they are actually brother and sister! To make matters worse they are expecting their first child! This sounds like a story out of a Lifetime movie, but it really happened! All I can say is it makes for very awkward family reunions!

According to Glamour, their parents separated when they were only 8 months old, and each parent took custody of a child. The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, never even knew they had a sibling! It wasn't until the first family meeting, to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, that the truth was revealed. So it’s not like they dated knowing they were brother and sister.

They have chosen to separate, but have not decided how to tell the child when he grows up. I’m not going to lie, that will be the most awkward conversation evvvvvver!

What would you do if you were the couple? How about if you were the parents? This is how’d I’d react!