If you’re looking for a “soul mate” at your family barbeque, not only are you a redneck, but you may be a bit crazy. Sometime, weird things happen. Like for example, what if you found out the woman you were sleeping with for five years was your sister? Fact; Creepy and Crazy things like this happen all the time. What if she was Preggers and a baby was on the way?

According to Glamour, A South African couple got the shock of their life, when, they discovered they are actually brother and sister! Now it wasn’t like they knew this going into this relationship, so it isn’t totally disgusting. The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, never even knew they had a sibling. It wasn't until the first family meeting, to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, that the truth was revealed. So again, it’s not like they dated knowing they were brother and sister. I don’t know about you, but do you think it’s a bit weird it took five years for them to meet their families? That may be another story on it’s own.

To make matters even more awkward than knowing you slept with your sister, the couple is expecting their first child! They have chosen to separate, but have not decided how to tell the child when he grows up. I’m not going to lie, that will be the most awkward conversation evvvvvver! Some mysteries are better left unsolved: Santa, Tooth Fairy, How your parents may be brother and sister.

Here’s three thing’s they’ll never be able to do again:

1)      Christmas Party- A family Christmas party is clearly out of the question.

2)      Family Camping Trip- Would you want to stare at your sister’s almost naked body once again? Abosssolutely not!

3)      Hanky Panky- You’d hope they wouldn’t, but it’s a sick world.


What would you do if you were part of a relationship like this?