Before you grab your wand Miss Granger and repair the damage, take a look at this story. It's honestly nothing that exciting or news worthy.

Mila Kunis Trapped In Elevator With 10 People

Mila Kunis was trapped Sunday afternoon in a crowded elevator. The actress was in New York’s West Village when the building’s elevator jammed with nearly a dozen passengers. A witness told The New York Post (quote) “They were stuck in the elevator for 45 minutes, and it became very hot in there, but Mila and everyone else remained calm. There were fire trucks outside, and firefighters helped them get out.”


Emma Watson Wardrobe Malfunction

Actress Emma Watson had a near wardrobe malfunction at the L.A. premiere of her movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower when her low-cut dress shifted to reveal a flesh-colored pastie. The Harry Potter star didn't seem to notice and continued smiling for the cameras.


Beatles Record Player Sells For Over $1500 At Auction

A 1964 Beatles record player just sold on eBay for $1580.00 and it doesn’t even play records! That didn’t stop collectors in the slightest because the vintage turntable that listed for $9.99 found the high bidder spending the equivalent of what most folks might pay to own a high-definition sound system. The platter still spins at the appropriate speed but when records are played, no sound can be heard and the only audible noise is a low buzz. The seller suggests that it may be a problem with the way the needle is attached but that’s quite a gamble if you’re the one bidding a thousand plus dollars.


Tyler Clay Declines White House Invitation

This Friday, President Barack Obama will honor the United States Olympians at a festive White House reception. However, swimming gold medalist Tyler Clary has already declined to attend. Clary has more important priorities: Race cars. He thinks that when his pool career is over he’ll find his need for speed on the race track. This weekend, instead of the White House party with hundreds of Olympians, Clary will be in Fontana California for the MAVTV 500 IndyCar race.


Celebrity Of The Day

Lets give it up for Tyler.