I heard about this idea the other day and my first thought was "brilliant!".  An email time capsule?  What do you mean Chip?  Well, the idea is really quite simple.  A time capsule, essentially is a capsule that you place item in, bury it, and open it up years later.  Same idea with the email time capsule, except you have to maintain the email account because, as I'm sure you have discovered over the years, when too much time lapses, the email account becomes deactivated.  So you would simply have to log into the account from time to tome.  So here's what you do...

1.  Create an email account for your child (they are free and easy to do)

2.  Send emails to the account - Anything you want.  A quick "I love you", "I was proud of you today after the soccer game".  You can attach documents or pictures.  Here's the beauty, the email automatically captures the date and time the email was sent.

3.  Next, keep the account a secret.  When they turn 18 (or older), give them the account with the password.  Awesome!  It's almost like looking at a baby book several years later, except you don't have a physical book.

I thought it seemed like a pretty cool idea.  Maybe I will give it a try, even though my kids are much older now.  Probably more ideal to start out with a baby, but there are no rules about age, so there ya go.