Meet 21 year old Sarah Hoidahl. She is a waitress at the Ruby Tuesday in Concord. Ellen DeGeneres just gave her $10,000.

Earlier this week, she waited on two uniformed soldiers who stopped by for lunch. When it came time for the check, Sarah wanted to make sure they got lunch during the Government Shutdown.

According to RTV6, DeGeneres caught wind of Hoidahl's act of kindness and wanted to pay back the favor.

The story spread quickly online, producers saw it and invited Hoidahl to Hollywood. DeGeneres squared the tab and then some, giving Hoidahl $27.75 in cash and a check for $10,000. Ellen also gave her a 50-inch television.

It pays to be kind.... Also, she did this not hoping for something back.

We can all truly learn from her kindness.

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